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  Hire a Private Chef for a Day, a week or more !!!


Please add $100 per day to the chef service and dinner prices for peak holidays weeks (December 19th, 2021– January 2nd 2022)

Private Dinners and chef service

I provide a customized personal chef service for residents and visitors to St Martin/St Maarten in the comfort of their own homes (or rentals). I purchase all the fresh ingredients, and prepare all meals, from breakfast to dinner in your kitchen (which will be left spotless!) I can cater for dinner parties, private functions or boat trips and charters.

My culinary training was at the Tain l’Hermitage Cookery School in France. I have been working as a chef/cook for private customers since 2005 and have worked in restaurants in St Martin/St Maarten, France, England, USA, and Mexico. I am now based in St Martin/St Maarten. My cooking style has a strong French foundation with influences from the Caribbean, Italian, Asian and Spanish cuisine.

For a deeper insight into my culinary creations, please see the photos on the website. I can structure my menus to specific nutritional needs and special diets and can adjust my menus according to personal tastes. If you would like further information, please send me an email and I would be happy to supply you with more details of the exclusive service I provide.

Romain B.

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